About Us

Members of the Mar Thoma Church, now living in North America, are recent immigrants from Kerala, one of the 25 states in India. Soon after their arrival about quarter of a century ago, they organized themselves as a church and found their identity in it. This association enabled them not only to continue worship in their familiar language along with the faith and practices, but also to cope with the "new" customs and habits of a new land. Like other immigrants, they turned to family and religion, the two social institutions that provide continuity of culture and strength to face unfamiliar social practices. It seems that this"minority" has succeeded in the "host" country along with other immigrant groups from Asia.

The intercommunion relationship of the Mar Thoma Church with the Episcopal Church in USA by 1979, the Anglican Church in Canada by 1983 and the formation of the Diocese in North America by 1988 and the membership in the National Council of Churches in USA as the 34th. member church by 1997 are only some examples of the achievements of the Mar Thoma Church in North America during its 25 year growth.