Christos VBS 2017

Hello! VBS will be from July 12th to 15th.  

We are hoping and praying everyone will be able to help and donate!

Calling all HEROES: We need YOUR help to bring the word of God to the kids of Christos!  Join us as we discover what it means to be a hero in God with heart, courage, wisdom, hope, and power!  Please contact VBS headquarters at with any questions or concerns!

Your VBS Commanders in Christ,
Vindhya & Shelby

Are you interested in being a VBS Teacher, helping with decorations, crafts, or even the kitchen crew?   
We need all of your help!   
Own your mission today with the VOLUNTEER sign-up HERE:

Please click below to sign up.

VBS Teachers/Assistants

If you are planning to be a VBS Teacher/Assistant, there will be a training session this Saturday (May 27th) from 9AM to 1PM at Philadelphia Mar Thoma Church.  Please contact Shelby or Vindhya if you need a ride!

Shelby: 215-380-6901

Vindhya: 267-709-4431

VBS Weekly Prayers

More than money, volunteers, teachers, and sponsors we need your prayers!  We have set up a conference call every Wednesday at 8:30PM.  You are more than welcome to call in and do a silent prayer.  We need as many prayers as we can get.

Please join us: (563) 999-1174

Access Code: 777042

VBS HERO CENTRAL 2017 - Learn the Songs