Vicar's Message





Dearly beloved in Christ,

I pray that you had a blessed summer. We have now entered the final quarter of the year. A joyful and busy summer has officially ended and autumn has begun, and the nature is preparing to receive one more winter. We can experience nature’s beauty more clearly during the fall season. The leaves turning color is just one example of the wonderful beauty that God created on earth. For us this is a marvelous time to focus on God’s wonderful blessing -family, shelter, provision, guidance, care, opportunity to serve and ample time to pray.

The present pandemic has also challenged us to think. However, our focus must be on above, no matter what is said to us from below (World). Our focus on the Lord will enable us to understand God’s divine purpose and will for our lives. The present state of the world teaches us that true saving (salvation) comes through Christ Jesus, our Lord. We need to be able to be confident in our faith to the point where we can profess our faith, especially in the society. This is our responsibility, and we are accountable to God for the same. Our liturgical Worship reminds us the same. Whether we are studying, working, or living a Christ-like life. Our life must be the message of hope to the world, through Christ. We are living in a world where our faith is challenged day by day. But we must remain strong in our faith, and proclaim what we believe. “But in your heart revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 peter 3:15) can we take this challenge? Are we opting for the crows or the cross?

Please take note of our parish calendar in this month. Events are being organised for the spiritual growth, empowerment and fellowship of the faithful. Our parish convention is scheduled for October 21st Rev . Thomas K Thomas [New Jersey] 22nd Rev. George Varghese [Delaware Valley] 23rd Youth convention Rev. Joby Joy Mullackal (Washington D.C) will be the main speakers. Your prayers, active presence, and support are requested to make parish convention a blessing .The First Sunday of October is being observed as The Day for the people with special skills. The second Sunday is being observed as ‘Voluntary Evangelist’s Day’ with the theme witnessing life of laity. The theme for third Sunday is “youth: Life focused on the word of God” (Youth Sunday) and the fourth Sunday “Family: place for faith formation” (Christian Family Dedicate Day). We have to make time to meditate and reflect on these themes so that we imbibe its essence and transform ourselves into a community that can extend help, hope and healing to our fellow beings. I hope and pray that these divinely inspired ideas for life will provide you all the spiritual nourishment and sustenance in the day to come. Let us resolve to use our time and talent for His glory, in His service. Kindly uphold the activities of our parish and its organizations on your prayer. May the Almighty Lord be with us and bless our ways and ministry in this faith journey.

May the grace and mercy of the Holy Trinity be with us all.

Yours in Christ
Reji Achen