Vicar's Message





“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. (Philippians 4:19,20)

Whatever gifts the Philippians had given to Paul, Paul understood them to be gifts given to God as in the sacrificial system. Paul seems to want to distance himself from appearing as if he was being paid to preach the gospel. Offering is the term for any sacred gift given to God. So we have to understand that we need that commitment with God.

Even though in the difficult ,time we have entered a new academic year, I thank God for His protection given to our children throughout this summer. I am wishing all the best to all students for their studies. Our Sunday school classes  also started through online. Teachers and parents please be serious in providing the Christian education also to our children. Those children who are staying away from home always bear in mind to hold firm in our faith and belief so that the worldly attractions may not pull us into it and you may not fall into any sort of temptations. Parents too must make it a practice to keep regular contacts with your kids.

Let us thank God for leading us together as a worship community. God’s people has been called to glorify Lord’s name on this earth. St. Paul in his letter to Philippians is teaching that ,we must rejoice in the Lord in every manner of life. Wherever we have been placed by God, we should be faithful towards Him. I request all your participation and prayers for all our future programs. (Extravaganza, Convention, 10th Anniversary, X’Mas, etc). This month Sevikasangam and senior citizen fellowship are celebrating their days. In the days of pandemic we have lots of  limitations for our worship. I wish all prayers and wishes to these organizations.


Although we do not have the opportunity to worship together during this Pandemic days. Still we are continuing to worship with 25 people limits. Let us pray together to create an opportunity for more people to come into worship. All worships and prayer meetings are being conducted through online. Expect all your participations for these meetings. God wants us to move forward without spiritual backwardness these days.

Let us move forward spiritually together.

With Prayer and Love

Rev. Anish Thomas Thomas

Vicar, Christos Mar Thoma Church