Vicar's Message



JUNE, 2019

May the LORD give strength to his people! May the LORD bless his people with peace! (Psalms 29:11) 

Greetings to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are entering a vacation time and summer season. Our kids are waiting for a long vacation. We are planning for V. B.S and Junior Senior conferences. All parents please do note the dates and take the needed efforts to make our children attend these programs. V B S need lots of your support and prayers. On May12th we celebrated Mother’s Day. I wish once again happy Mother’s Day to all our beloved mothers. Thanks to Sunday school and Edavaka Mission for the arrangements. In this month, we are going to celebrate Father’s Day on June 16th .  Hearty wishes to all respectful Fathers. Lots of our youngsters are graduating from their school and colleges, congratulate all the graduates and prayers for your future studies and job. Those who all keeping away from home their homes, keep in mind, your faith and relation with God. 

Our New Youth Chaplain Rev. Thomas K Mathew and family reached safely on May 9th. As Youth fellowship we welcomed Achen and family officially on Memorial Day with a B B Q Party at parsonage. We pray for Achen and family for his future ministry in Philadelphia. All our elders are waiting to grow new vegetables and do some gardening. Prayers for all and encouraging your enthusiasm and wishing for a good harvest. In this month most of the Sundays, church calendar teaches about the work of the Holy spirit. In the day of Pentecoste, early church received Holy spirit and started their mission.

In this busy scheduled life, we should think about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. June 15th we are planning our Church Picnic at Core Creek Park, I request all parish members, your prayers and participation. Let’s move forward together with love and prayers. Wishes to all those celebrating their birthdays and wedding anniversaries during the month of June. 

Peace to all of you, who are in Christ. 

With love and prayers 

Anish Achen and family