Youth Chaplain's Message




Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings. The Nation celebrated the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America. The role of a leader of the Nation is crucial in the formation of policies which will determine the course of the Nation in the years ahead. The country looks with hope and expectation to policies and decisions which will bring changes for the good in the time of this great pandemic and economic recession. For the Indian community it is indeed a great honor that we have a Vice President Kamala Harris who has her roots from India. This is also a great encouragement for our generations that the possibilities ahead for each of them is immense and we need to prayerfully work hard and put our efforts to be active participants in the Nation building in the various capacities that God places us. Let us continue to pray for the President, the Vice President, all elected lawmakers and others involved in the new administration who will set the course of the country in the years ahead.

We prepare ourselves to enter into the Great lent which is a time for us as individuals, families and as a church for meditation, fasting and prayer. The Son of God taking the form of a human and the mission he executed within the short span of his life here on the earth is remembered every year so that we keep reaffirming the human nature and the divine nature of Jesus Christ which was unique and effectual for our salvation. The Lenten period also gives us an opportunity or reason to spend more time in prayer and meditation to search for the answers that we are seeking about our lives and also refocusing ourselves to the purpose that God has for us.

The great lent should not be a compelled ritual but a choice of an opportunity for us to spend more time with the word of God and be convinced of his life and the way he holds our lives. It is not just about you and me trying to hold on to God, but knowing that he is holding us too. Are we convinced of this fact that he will hold us safe and secure or do we still grapple for answers and directions in the dark valleys and the desperate moments of our life?

As we journey through this lent, we will have many qualities and events in the life and ministry of Jesus to meditate upon. One of the most important and unique attitudes that we see in Christ is “Servanthood”. The servanthood of Christ to humble himself as a common man even to the point of being ridiculed, rejected and crucified is a testimony of his servanthood. Matthew 23: 11- 12 says “The greatest among you will be your servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Greatness in God’s kingdom is never to be found in position or power or in the praise and opinions of men, but in servant-like service to others. I hope and pray that during this Lenten period we will reflect and pursue more to accept this quality of servant – like attitude and service that Christ had, so that our lives will reflect more of Him and His compassion.

The Youth Fellowship of our parish has been progressing despite the COVID-19 challenges and we hope and pray that more youths will participate in the Zoom fellowships held every Friday from 7 – 8 pm. The Sunday school, High schoolers fellowship and Young Family Fellowship are also meeting regularly and we hope more of our members will use such opportunities of our fellowship which will help us in growing in our faith, fellowship and witness.

God be with you all

Yours in Christ’s service

Rev. Thomas K. Mathew