Youth Chaplain's Message



MAY, 2021

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Resurrected Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel of John when we read the passion narratives we read the last words spoken by Jesus on the cross “ It is finished” – the fulfilment of the purpose of Salvation of mankind which the father had purposed through him. And the first announcement that Mary Magdalene had for the disciples after seeing the risen Christ was “I have seen the Lord”. The purpose of God fulfilled in Jesus has to become a personal experience in our lives today and only then we will be able to proclaim and affirm just like Mary Magdalene was able to do it.

The Resurrected Lord is the joy which sustains us even when we go through the darkest of the valleys and we find it hard to comprehend the experiences of our life. The disciples of Christ who travelled and lived with Christ who also had the first-hand information and experience of everything that Jesus said and did in his public ministry were the first to run away from him while he was arrested and then put to the death on the cross. Yet we again meet them as the first group of people who are meeting and experiencing the resurrected Lord. By standards which are predominant in every culture these people should have been rejected and despised yet we see that the loving forgiveness of Christ is shown upon them and they are received back into his fellowship and they are restored to the purpose and responsibility of going out with the gospel to the whole world.

The cruciality of the Cross in the Christian faith is to assure every believer of the redemption from sin has been paid for and there is nothing which can undermine that payment for redemption. The resurrected Lord reminds us that the ultimate victory over death which is the result of our sin has been won and that those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will be received into the eternal life which is promised to us. Hence every year as we remember the passion of Christ on the Cross and celebrate his Resurrection, we need to cement the faith in him that he had Redeemed us and also will Resurrect us on the last day to live with him eternally and we need to live a life worthy of this great calling.

The arrival of the Spring season has also rejuvenated our lives and it is a reminder from the nature of how beautiful change can be, and that we are called to “Bloom where we are planted”. Our faith is to be expressed in the colors of our actions and words that people around us see, hear and experience and I hope and pray that we will use each day of our lives to fulfill this purpose of God in our lives.

Let us also praise and thank God that the vaccination drives are reaching out to more and more people in our region and let us pray that God will bring a complete deliverance upon the world from this pandemic. Let us also hope that in the coming weeks more members will be able to join our worships in the sanctuary and also that we will be able to bring back the in-person meetings which will enrich our fellowships.

I take this opportunity to thank and praise God for the ministry and leadership of Rev. Anish Thomas Thomas, Jency Kochamma and Johan to the Christos MTC. Their presence, prayers and leadership has been a blessing to the whole parish and the faith community in this region in the last 4 years. May God continue to bless them and their ministry in the years ahead in the various parishes and regions God will lead them to.

May I also take this opportunity to give my best wishes and prayers to Rev. Reji Yohannan and family who is our new incoming Vicar. We pray that they will be able to join us soon here in Philadelphia and give able leadership to the ministry of the parish in the years ahead.

As we complete 2 years of our ministry here we thank God for all the blessings in the last 24 months and we pray that the next 12 months ahead will be a time of fellowship with you all. Please feel free to reach out at all times.

Yours in Christ service

Rev. Thomas K. Mathew

Youth Chaplain, Philadelphia region.

(Cell: 516-661-7844. Email: