Youth Chaplain's Message




Dearly beloved in Christ,

Fall greetings to all of you. In the Gospel of St. Matthew 11: 28 we read a very profound and a comforting assurance that Jesus gives “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest”. Human life is always filled with weariness and burdensome life experiences which can drain out the strength within us physically, make us emotionally and mentally weak and vulnerable, and in certain occasions make us spiritually fragile and doubtful. However the Promise of Christ prevails upon all of this not denying the weariness that can occur to us, not criticizing us for carrying the burdens which we might not have chosen and also some which was a result of choices that we made. 

The promise of rest and comfort is most essential for us as humans because it is only then we find the joy of Christ. The promise is unconditional since it flows from the unconditional love and mercy of God upon us. The promise is also open to all since Christ is not differentiating any particular class or race but the invitation is for anyone who can identify the pain and is longing for a healing. However, this comforting and healing can only be fulfilled when as individuals we recognize the painfulness, admit that we are unable to solve it and accept the invitation of Christ to draw nearer to him so that he can work within us. We are going through one of the most painful periods that this generation has experienced thus far and this promise of Christ to draw nearer to him to should be the source of our comfort, healing and renewal. 

The Mar Thoma Church laments the passing away of Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan on the 18th of October 2020. Let us praise and thank God for his leadership, guidance and ministry to the Church and the whole world. Let us also continue to pray for our Metropolitan in Charge Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Suffragan Metropolitan who is to be consecrated as the Metropolitan on the 14th of November 2020 and pray that his leadership along with the Episcopal Synod and the official bodies of the Church will bring a new revival for the spiritual life of the church and its mission. The pandemic has changed our world in various ways and the church needs to evolve its mission to the changing situations and become a beacon of hope, love and comfort in the years head in more effective means. This requires leadership depending on God’s will and committed prayer and participation of the believers who will be willing to be guided by the Spirit of God. 

As a parish let us thank God for his uncountable blessings which has enabled us to endure through this pandemic thus far and let us also pray that God will enable us to find his peace and comfort each day. Our Youth Fellowship has resumed the in person gatherings and also zoom sessions for those unable to join every Friday evening at 7 pm and I hope all our youths will make use of this opportunity to grow together in faith and fellowship. The ministry of our Sunday School, High Schoolers fellowship and Young Family fellowship continue to be a blessing to us all.

May the Triune God be with you all. 

Yours sincerely 

Rev. Thomas K. Mathew 

Youth Chaplain – Philadelphia