Youth Chaplain's Message




Dearly Beloved in Christ,

As we step into 2020 it is a joy for us too to be a part of this faith community. The first decade of the 21st Century has gone by and for those of us who were there at the threshold of the new millennium, we will remember how anticipation was at its peak about how the world will change in the new millennia. The decade that has went by saw an exponential growth in technology and communication. The economic and political fall outs in various regions of the world has also changed the perspective of culture and religion in our personal and community lives. As we look forward with hope in the new decade let us seek the Lord more in our lives and also commit ourselves to “Live Christ” and not just think and speak about him.

It was a great joy for me to be part of the Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the Youth Fellowship in our parish this year. It was attended by many members of our parish and it was a great blessing. The Youth Fellowship also arranged for the Operation Christmas Child through which we were able to reach out to many unprivileged children with gifts of Love. We are also excited to be with the Sunday School every me we visit the parish and we hope that we will get to interact with them more in the coming months.

I was also happy to join the Carol service led by our Choir and Sunday School. It was a great joy to hear the Christmas carols by our Choir members and the Junior Choir. The Sunday School Christmas programme was also well arranged and I appreciate all the kids and teachers who worked for it. Let us continue to encourage these talented group of people so that they will be a blessing for our parish and that their ministry will bring more meaning to our worship. It was also a great joy to be part of the House Caroling group of the parish filled with super excited group of people spreading the joy of Christmas. My appreciation to all who joined this despite their busy schedule and bad weather conditions.

Five of our Youth members also attended the Diocesan Youth Leadership Conference at Atlanta and it was a great blessing for all of us. I continue to visit the homes of our youths and young families of all the five parishes. I have also started my College visits which I hope will extend to many more in the coming months. You may also contact me if you would like to schedule a visit when your children are home in the coming weeks. I would also be happy to visit them in the dorms or apartments if you could pass on the relevant details.

Wishing you all a blessed year 2020, may the Lord enable us to grow closer to him and walk more steadfastly in his path.

God bless

Thomas Achen, Neenu, Ananya, Ansh and Ahana 

Call/ Text/ Whatsapp: 516-661-7844