Youth Chaplain's Message



AUGUST, 2019

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

We step into a new month and the uncertain areas of our life, the unanswered questions, the doubts and the fears will surely step in with us into this new month. Wish we could have a magical wand or maybe even a spiritual verse or prayer that could have been used to wipe away all that and start anew. But that is not how life works and we need to accept and face the reality of life as it is. For us who believe and hope in the ever loving presence of Jesus Christ to be real, that might be the only straw or even the last straw to which we are hanging on to despite all the pressure and the worries which overwhelm us. Is it worth it? Yes, it's worth it because that is LIFE. The preciousness of life is much worth than all the negative forces which try to overpower us. Let us not give up, because even when we as humans were unworthy and most sinful, God sent his son for us so that we may have life and life in abundance.

Realization of the Purpose of God for us is a very important factor of who we make the best of this life that he has for us. The fulfillment of our life is not achieved unless we make a conscious effort to live the purpose of God. The purpose of God is not an easy choice, and many times we find it hard to even realize what it is. Perseverance is the key to help us in this search of our purpose and also in the process of making it happen. It takes a whole lifetime and we will never complete it in a day or a year. Prayer is the very strength and power which will keep us going through all this. When we pray the Lord has promised us his presence and blessings.  But we also need to acknowledge that his blessings will be in line with the purpose he has for us and we are called to accept that live by it. The month of July has been a blessing for us as the Christos family with 19 of our young boys and girls participating in the first communion service from our Diocesan Bishop. I pray that the Lord will bless and strengthen them in their faith journey in the years to come. The VBS of the parish "To Mars and Beyond" was also a blessing with a good participation and also a very good leadership by our Youth Fellowship, Sunday School and others. I truly appreciate the time and efforts taken by everyone in making this a blessing for our children. I also had the privilege to attend the Diocesan Youth fellowship National Conference at Dallas Farmers Branch MTC with theme "Bloom where you are planted" and it was a joy to have 15 youths from our parish for this conference. I believe that all the participants were truly blessed with the sessions and also were challenged to "Bloom" in Philadelphia by reaching out to the needy in our community. The youths from the Philadelphia region had joint meetings where we have committed to work together in the coming months and become meaningful presence for the Lord and witness his glory. Looking forward for all youths to join us in these efforts in the coming days.

Please feel free to connect with us.

God bless

Thomas Achen, Neenu, Ananya, Ansh and Ahana