Youth Chaplain's Message




New year greetings to all of you.  God has been gracious upon us and let us be grateful for the ways he has led us thus far.

Psalm 7:10 “My shield is God Most High.” The storms of life can overwhelm us, and it can make us fearful and doubtful of where God is. However, God wants us to choose faith over fear and also trust over doubt. We see that Bible points out people who were normal humans like us, living in their everyday joys and challenges. The faith they experienced and expressed was by trusting in God even when the outcome was unknown and unseen.

Abraham did falter in his faith when he went by the suggestion of his wife to have a son through his slave Hagar, yet God was gracious and faithful to him by keeping His promise of having a son through his wife Sarah. The journey of faith continues stronger, and the same Abraham is not doubting the command of God and abides completely by it when he lays his only son on the altar as a sacrifice and raises his hand to sacrifice him. He did not doubt the command of God, nor did he fear of what will happen when he loses his son, that was counted upon his as faithfulness and righteousness before God.

Faith today has become more of gaining brownie points from God and encash it for “blessings in this world". The Faith experience we witness in the Bible is of sacrificing and giving up oneself which should be our intention and motive too. As we step into this New Year, may we affirm before God our renewed commitment to become a living sacrifice in all that we do and thereby fulfil his purpose here in this world.

The Diocesan Youth Fellowship is organising the Leadership conference from Jan 6 - 9 hosted by the Redeemer MTC, New Jersey. This will be the 25th session of this Conference which has inspired a lot of our youths to become committed Leaders of the church in various levels. Let us continue to keep this conference and all its participants in our prayers.

Our Youth fellowship meets every Friday evening and I encourage all our youths to participate. We praise God that we had our Young Family fellowship in person from December and we hope to continue that every third Sunday after service. Let me encourage all our young families to join us in this fellowship of sharing and growing in faith.

We have resumed our house visits and please do let us know your availability and we can spend sometime knowing you and also praying with you.

Wishing you all a blessed year ahead.

Yours in His service

Rev. Thomas K. Mathew

Youth Chaplain

Please feel free to reach out any time.