Youth Chaplain's Message




Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings. The Summer that has gone by was a mixed feeling for many of us as we experienced the mercy of God upon our lives and also anxious of getting back to our fellowships as we had before the Covid - 19 began. The resilience of humanity is more profoundly expressed as we live through this pandemic season. 

Mother Teresa in a personal letter to His Grace Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa in 1996 wrote “ Let us continue to pray much for prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing God’s gift of himself”. This can be seen as yet another beautiful experience that we should be having when we pray – to enlarge our hearts to receive God himself. In our day to day prayers we often spill out a list of our needs and desires but scantly find time to allow him to speak to us or fill us with his presence which can become the strength for our weakness, the answers to our questions, the truth to our doubts, the comfort for our pain, the companionship in our loneliness and the deliverance from our bondages.

It is also a joy to see that we have more and more people participating in the in-person services and also the Youth Fellowship has able to start of their meetings in the parking lot adhering to the CDC guidelines. Let us hope that in the coming months we will have permission for more people to join and participate in our worships and fellowships. We do also pray and hope that even the most vulnerable among us will feel safe to come back for our fellowships and that will also enable their spiritual and emotional nourishment. The months ahead will certainly reinforce in us a renewed form of spirituality and fellowships which will become a source of healing and strength for all of us. The painful experiences in our life will break us, confuse us, frustrate us, create doubts in us, but the everlasting love of the Lord is so pure that it can cleanse away all these human aberrations in us and enable us to realise how wonderfully he can transform those experiences such that we find hope, comfort and deliverance in him. 

As our youths and children start their new academic year it will be a totally different mode of education which for some is fully virtual and for some it will be Hybrid with certain in-person classes. With the given risks and circumstances every mode will have its limitations and challenges but with hidden blessings which I hope the Lord will reveal to you in the coming months. Anxiety and fear can happen in us but let us always believe that God is very much in control of all things and he will make everything work together for good for all who love him and are called according to his purpose. My sincere prayer and hope in our young people are that they will always remember this part of their life as a reminder of how the world around us is so fleeting and we have no one and nothing else but God Almighty to depend on. No matter what future challengers you face the trust in the Lord should be rock solid and not on weak sands. 

Do keep participating regularly in the Sunday School, High-schoolers fellowship and Youth fellowship so that your faith nurturing and fellowship grows progressively. We do assure you our prayers and feel free to reach out at anytime when you feel like venting out. 

God bless 

Rev. Thomas K. Mathew 

Youth Chaplain - Philadelphia